Nutrition Counseling & Meal Planning

The expert team of care providers and healthcare professionals at Diabetes and Metabolic Wellness Center specialize in comprehensive nutrition counseling including fun and informative meal planning, lifestyle coaching, and more.

Appointments are available in-person at our New Braunfels, TX clinic or virtually via Telehealth for your convenience. Call us today at 830-730-4375 or request an appointment online.

What to expect

Nutrition counseling is an important part of our Diabetes and Metabolic Wellness Center. Many of the conditions we treat can greatly benefit from the knowledge gained. We offer nutrition counseling as part of the treatment plan for conditions such as diabetes and malnutrition.

We also offer nutrition counseling for individual personal reasons – often to provide the information and support our patients need to kickstart a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition counseling involves:


This includes providing information about your medical condition(s) or personal goals, reading food labels, interpreting blood sugar levels and using your glucose monitor, the benefits of keeping a food diary, and more.

Meal planning

Diet changes don’t have to be painful! We will help you discover healthy foods you and your family will love. We will discuss your likes and dislikes, learn how to read labels at the grocery store correctly, and discuss proper portion control.


We will schedule regular follow-ups and coaching sessions to check in on your progress and have open discussions about lifestyle choices and healthy changes. This can be easily done using Telehealth technology.

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